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High Purity Valves

High Purity Valves


Valves Saint-Gobain high purity valves are integral to liquid handling in semiconductor processing, where aggressive chemicals, ultra-high-purity chemicals, and chemical mechanical polishing liquids (slurry) are transferred. Our valves offer improved flow capabilities and stronger performance against back pressure, resulting in higher process efficiency and reduced operations down-time.





Choose from the following

AstiPure® Stopcock Valves

High-purity PFA molded stopcock valves to meet stringent requirements

Furon® CDV 1000 Compact Diaphragm Valve

High media pressure capacity and high Cv

Furon® ChemPure™ 1.5 inch In-Line Valve

High purity distribution valve where high Cv flow is a factor

Furon® DVX Solenoid Valve

Electrically actuated in 2 and 3-way configurations

Furon® J-Series Valve

High Cv flow factor and high pressure capabilities

Furon® MCVM Mini & LCVM Large Check Molded Valve

Injection molded, high-purity valve

Furon® Q Series Valve

Insures reliable fluid delivery

Furon® Suckback Molded Diaphragm Valve

Pneumatically actuated molded 1/4" and 1/2" orifice

Furon® UPM 1000 Valve with Sanitary Ends

Materials meet USP Class VI specs

Furon® UPX 2000 Valve

High performance valve with the latest materials technology for aggressive HCI applications

Furon® 750i PVDF Valve

Engineered for de-ionized water or mildly aggressive chemical applications

Furon® ChemPure™ 1 inch In-Line Valve

No O-ring union end fittings needed

Furon® ChemPure™ 2 inch In-Line Valve

High purity maximum flow applications

Furon® HPV High Performance Diaphragm Valve

Includes visual indicator and standard FlareGrip® end connections

Furon® Metering Valve

Manually actuated, multi-turn 1/16" orifice

Furon® Precision Plug Valve

Manually actuated, 2-way, 1/16" to 1/4" orifice

Furon® Suckback Machined Diaphragm Valve

Pneumatically actuated machined 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" orifice

Furon® UPM 1000 Valve

Designed to transfer of highly aggressive ultrapure chemicals and de-ionized water