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High Purity Valves

High Purity Valves


Valves Saint-Gobain high purity valves are integral to liquid handling in semiconductor processing, where aggressive chemicals, ultra-high-purity chemicals, and chemical mechanical polishing liquids are transferred. Our valves offer improved flow capabilities and stronger performance against back pressure, resulting in higher process efficiency and reduced operations down-time.




Choose from the following

AstiPure® Stopcock Valves

High-purity PFA molded stopcock valves to meet stringent requirements

Furon® CDV 1000 Compact Diaphragm Valve

High media pressure capacity and high Cv

Furon® ChemPure™ 1.5 inch In-Line Valve

High purity distribution valve where high Cv flow is a factor

Furon® DVX Solenoid Valve

Electrically actuated in 2 and 3-way configurations

Furon® J-Series Valve

High Cv flow factor and high pressure capabilities

Furon® MCVM Mini & LCVM Large Check Molded Valve

Injection molded, high-purity valve

Furon® Q Series Valve

Insures reliable fluid delivery

Furon® Suckback Molded Diaphragm Valve

Pneumatically actuated molded 1/4" and 1/2" orifice

Furon® UPM 1000 Valve with Sanitary Ends

Materials meet USP Class VI specs

Furon® UPX 2000 Valve

High performance valve with the latest materials technology for aggressive HCI applications

Furon® 750i PVDF Valve

Engineered for de-ionized water or mildly aggressive chemical applications

Furon® ChemPure™ 1 inch In-Line Valve

No O-ring union end fittings needed

Furon® ChemPure™ 2 inch In-Line Valve

High purity maximum flow applications

Furon® HPV High Performance Diaphragm Valve

Includes visual indicator and standard FlareGrip® end connections

Furon® Metering Valve

Manually actuated, multi-turn 1/16" orifice

Furon® Precision Plug Valve

Manually actuated, 2-way, 1/16" to 1/4" orifice

Furon® Suckback Machined Diaphragm Valve

Pneumatically actuated machined 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" orifice

Furon® UPM 1000 Valve

Designed to transfer of highly aggressive ultrapure chemicals and de-ionized water