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Versilon™ E-1000 Tubing

Versilon™ E-1000 Tubing

Versilon™ E-1000

Pumpable Non-DEHP Laboratory Tubing 

Soft and flexible, Versilon™ E-1000 Non-DEHP laboratory tubing delivers the same superior performance in a formulation that contains non-DEHP [Bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate] plasticizers.  The market demand and certain global and regional requirements such as Europe's REACH, EU food directives and California Prop 65 motivated Saint-Gobain to develop tubing products that contain a globally accepted substitute for DEHP.  Versilon E-1000 non-DEHP laboratory tubing has been tested rigorously to ensure that it meets the same physical standards, including low temperature and corrosive chemical resistance as the old Tygon® R-1000 tubing.

Versilon™ E-1000 tubing stays flexible at temperatures as low as -67°F (-55°C ). Its smooth bore facilitates easy cleaning and helps prevent possible buildup. Do not autoclave. Durometer hardness: Shore A, 40.

Product Features

  • Ultra-soft and flexible
  • Performs well at low temperatures (to -67°F)
  • Excellent for use in low-torque pump applications

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