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Versilon™ C-210-A Tubing

Versilon C-210-A Multipurpose Fuel & Oil Transfer Tubing

Versilon™ C-210-A
Multipurpose Fuel & Oil Transfer Tubing


Saint-Gobain's rigidly controlled manufacturing process makes Versilon™ C-210-A tubing the flexible polyurethane tubing that has consistently tight tolerances from lot to lot. Precision tolerances and high elasticity provide the user with an easy, worry-free attachment to fittings.


Made of a tough, ether-based polyurethane, Versilon C-210-A tubing's clarity, high tear strength and excellent abrasion resistance make it ideal for many applications, including fuel and lubricant lines, pneumatic lines, abrasive product transfer and cable jacketing. It also offers exceptional resistance to oils, greases, fuels and many chemicals.


Product Features

  • Consistently tight dimensional tolerances
  • Excellent abrasion and tear resistance
  • Fuel and lubricant resistant
  • Sub-zero temperature capabilities

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