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Reusable Fittings

Reusable Fittings


Reusable FittingsSaint-Gobain’s ReSeal® reusable fittings are the only true sanitary reusable fittings for the food and beverage industry that meet the most stringent 3-A standards. Our patented technology allows customers to reuse the expensive stainless steel fittings when hose assemblies need to be replaced. This can significantly enhance the cost-effectiveness of an operation as fittings typically account for 40-80% of the hose assembly costs. Assemblies with ReSeal® fittings can be reworked by Saint-Gobain or any one of our authorized fabricating distributors.




Choose from the following

Bevel Seat Fittings

Sanitary fittings, Style 20

I Line Male and Female Fittings

Fittings allow easy assembly and alignment

NPT Male Fittings

Nominal pipe thread fixed male fittings, Style 03

PermaSeal® Butt Weld & Tube Size Fittings

Style 41 fittings prevent material buildup or entrapment

PermaSeal® Cam & Groove Male Fittings

Style 17 "E" type fittings with dovetail locking design


Designed to elevate hose to reduce cover wear and increase service life

NPT Female Fittings

Nominal pipe thread fixed female fittings, Styles 05-06

PermaSeal® Butt Weld & Pipe Size Fittings

Style 01 fittings allow fabrication flexibility

PermaSeal® Cam & Groove Female Fittings

Style 16FT "D" type fittings, swivel style for quick connection and disconnection

ReSeal® Fittings

Reusable fittings that meet stringent requirements of critical processing industries