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Silicone & Rubber

Silicone & Rubber Tubing


Silicone & Rubber Tubing

Recognized for its durability, flexibility, long pump life, and high purity , silicone and rubber tubing form a critical part of our customers’ operations. Saint-Gobain provides a wider range of solutions for sanitary applications in the food and beverage industries, including dairy processing, soft drink dispensing and filling machines.





Choose from the following

Pure-Fit® SPT-50

Platinum-cured silicone tubing for transferring high-purity liquids

Tygon® SPT-50 LF Tubing

Platinum-cured silicone tubing formulation with superior hygiene for milk dispensing applications

Versilon™ F-5500-A

Pumpable dry cleaning fluid line and solvent recovery tubing


Flexible and chemical resistant red rubber tubing


General industrial purpose nitrile rubber tubing

Versilic SPX-70 IB

High tensile strength durable silicone tubing

Versitec® Platinum

Platinum-cured tubing designed for resiliency and durability

Tygon® SPT 3350

Silicone tubing for food and beverage transfer

Transflow® III

Smooth bore silicone dairy tubing

Tygon® SPT-60L Tubing

High precision tubing for automatic water sampling equipment

GA Natural Rubber

Multi-purpose natural rubber tubing


High performance fluoroelastomer tubing

Versilic SPX-50

High-strength silicone tubing


Electrical and heat resistant tubing

Versitec® Tubing

High-quality industrial silicone tubing, ideal for transferring high purity or high-tech fluids

Tygon® 3370 I.B.

Tubing for food and beverage transfer under pressure

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