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Silicone & Rubber Tubing


Silicone & Rubber Tubing

Recognized for its durability, flexibility, long pump life, and high purity , silicone and rubber tubing form a critical part of our customers’ operations. Saint-Gobain provides a wider range of solutions for sanitary applications in the food and beverage industries, including dairy processing, soft drink dispensing and filling machines.





Choose from the following


Tubing with good mechanical, chemical, electrical and heat resistance properties

GA Natural Rubber Tubing

Natural rubber offers excellent elasticity and resilience

Nitrile Rubber

Oil liquid handling tubing

Red Rubber

GSR formulation

Tygon® SPT-50 LF Tubing

Platinum-cured silicone tubing formulation with superior hygiene for milk dispensing applications

Versilic® SPX-50 High-Strength Silicone Tubing

High-strength silicone tubing

Versitec® Platinum

Platinum-cured tubing designed for resiliency and durability

Fluran® F-5500-A

Severe environment tubing

ISO Versinic

Highly resistant tubing

Pure-Fit® SPT-50

Platinum-cured silicone tubing for transferring high-purity liquids

Transflow® III

Flexible silicone dairy tubing withstands sub-zero temps

Tygon® SPT-60L Tubing

High precision tubing for automatic water sampling equipment

Versilic® SPX-70 IB Tubing

Produced from a proprietary combination of silicone elastomers resulting in a more physically durable product

Versitec® Tubing

High-quality industrial silicone tubing, ideal for transferring high purity or high-tech fluids

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